80 S Pinenut Drive

Without Parceling you can build a single family residence with no restrictions . Under the current code, you could build two residences-one on each 20 acre portion-with permission from State Water Resources for a separate well. However the homes could not be under separate ownership. County water/sewer line is adjacent to North boundary. This parcel would make a great ranch with panoramic views of the mountains. The lot is presently zoned RR-2T and could be subdivided into 2 acre lots. It may be possible to do a PUD and create a mix of different size lots and have a larger subdivion. It could possibly be divided into 4 10 acre parcels but the owner would have to pave the property frontage of 1,312 ft. If the zoning could be changed to RR-4 or RR-5 the paving requirement would be for Plate 3G Gravel.


Please contact Wes Ball for further questions (775) 220-1516.